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A request to Laos by the Shans

Khun Kya Oo, chairperson of the volunteers for the displaced Shan people
has sent a plea for Humanitarian Considerations for the Persecuted
People of Shan (Tai) state to the premier of the Democratic Republic of
Laos.  A tragic episode was that very recently 14 Tai (Shans) of the
splinter MTA (Mong Tai Army) group had endeavoured to take refuge in Lao
by swimming across the Mekong river in the Burma-Lao border, from the
pursuing SLORC soldiers, were arreted by Laotian authorities and handed
over to SLORC who promptly executed them.

The letter said that the Shan people are very sad that such tragic
episodes had occurred in spite of the International Convention to
protect the lives of the people under threat.  It also draws the
attention that both Laos and Shan people adhere to Theravada Buddhism
where compassion, espcially for perecuted people is supreme and that the
people of Laos and Shan belong to the same race.

The political conditions in Burma are such that many such people will be
forced to seek sanctuary in the borders of neighbouring countries
including Laos.  So, in view of such considerations, the volunteers for
displaced Shans ardently request the Laotian authorities to take every
necessary action to prevent such recurrences in the future.  A copy of
their request was also sent to Amnesty International, ICRC Geneva, and
SOS Torture.

Reported by

Kanbawza Win

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