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Burmese Refugees protest in front o

Subject: Burmese Refugees protest in front of UNHCR office in New Delhi

Subject: Burmese refugees protest in front of UNHCR office in New Delhi.
In front of UNHCR office, No. 14, Jor Bagh, Delhi, 23 Burmese and Chin 
refugees including 4 women and 8 children are holding demonstration 
against the Bureaucracy system of UNHCR.
Subject: Request for Subsistence Allowance
Dear Madam/Sir,
1. After waiting for a long time, our applications for refugee status are 
approved by your office and granted us refugee status. However, No S.A is 
provided to us starting from BU No.239 onwards and we know nothing 
about why social services is deny to us. We have explained to you earlier 
about the hardship in Delhi many times. There is no alternate to survive 
without S.A in Delhi.
2. During the interviews, we have stated that we have security problem in 
Mizoram, under differences. But we are forced by your office to return to 
Mizoram where our lives are in danger.
3. As far as our knowledge is concerned, the UNHCR has a policy to 
provide S.A to refugee for at least  6 months. After that the office have 
decide as per the progress of refugees skill and knowledge to survive on 
own. And then Lump Sum grant for self reliance, etc. would be provided.
4. During orientation of refugees, we were asked about our future plan 
how to achieve self reliance etc. and we have explained everything but no 
reply is made so far in this regard.
5. As we mentioned above, we have no alternative way to survive ourselves 
in Delhi and therefore we came to your office and make hunger strike.
6. If there is no positive response from your office our hunger strike 
continue till our demands are meet.
7. There are 267 Burmese refugees only and other national refugees are 
more than 10,000 residing under the protection of UNHCR in New Delhi. 
They are receiving subsistence allowance regularly and why shouldnt we in 
small number be provided and treated us the same.
Sincerely Yours,
On Behalf of Ignored Refugees