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correction- new Burma FTP site

This message is most meaningful to those who have FTP access, but no WWW 
access.  (Those with WWW access may find this confusing, 
inconsequential, or both.)

There is an "anonymous" or "public" FTP area associated with the Free 
Burma website.  The old Free Burma FTP path was changed and beyond my 
control.  The new location is as follows, and has been updated with new 

The files available via FTP are on SUNSITE.UNC.EDU under

Included is an archive of the BurmaNet News (which is usually not much 
more than a week behind), and the monthly Burma Alert.
They are up to date, and in
There are also many scanned photos in

They are just as accessible as they ever were to people with web access, 
who can use the old or new URL 
However, the files are ALSO accessible via FTP.  They are not now 
accessible via gopher, but this will be done if it is ever again 

The old URLs for BurmaNet News homepage and Burma Alert homepage will 
remain functional though the location of the archives has changed.

glen norris
What's new at Free Burma?   
http://FreeBurma.org is the easy to remember Burma info jumping off