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BurmaNet back issues

sue & all,

for those who don't already know- all back issues of Burmanet News and 
Burma Alert can be found on the web.

Burmanet News is at http://sunsite.unc.edu/freeburma/bnn.html
Burma Alert is at http://sunsite.unc.edu/freeburma/ba.html

These files are ALSO available by FTP from:
The collection will be updated in a day or two. (note- the collection 
via www IS CURRENTLY up to date.)

These are no longer available by gopher (from sunsite) because sunsite 
has suspended gopher support due to lack of demand.  fortunately most 
people able to access gopher sites are also able to FTP.  please let me 
know if this is not the case for you, and we will work something out.


skay+@xxxxxxxx wrote:
> From: Suvajee  Chanthanom <skay+@xxxxxxxx>
> Dear Strider,
>         I have tried your gopher address but could not get through.
> The message said no such server. I am in need of back issues of the
> Burma net news. I made a big mistake by deleting all
> the Burmanet News instead of saving it.  Would you kind ly send me
> another copy old Burmanet new between April 20-the present?
> I will highly appriciate it.  I personnally feel that you have done
> a great job in putting these news together.  I am new in the group.
> I have learnt a lot from your news and messages which I will never
> find any where else. Thank you inanticipation.
> Sincerely,
> Sue

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