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Reply to S. Brookes' Open Letter as

Subject: Reply to S. Brookes' Open Letter as Regard to the NLD Policy

Dear Mr. Stephen Brookes:

As I read your open letter to BurmaNet, I feel I should make a reply as a
I do not believe that you are exactly equal to those 'ever name-withholds'
who authored similar articles in the New Light of Myanmar. This is because
I assume that you at least read and understand English if not Burmese
Kagyi, Khagway. 

You accused of the opposition party as it has no practical plan for
developing the country. I am surprised that you are too confident a
business reporter to say so and you even concluded that is why Aung San Suu
Kyi and  the NLD are losing support in Myanmar. I am certain the politics
in Burma is not so. The people's desire for democracy and human rights is
ever growing in Burma.  To most human beings in Burma, the leadership role
of NLD is obvious. The SLORC controlled media is just trying to stop that
rain in vain. Maybe you just can't see it because you are too busy to
report about Myanmar's business chances to your readers who do not want to
read about human right violations.

DEMOCRACY," which is made available in English (the language you use for
profession) since October 1988. In this document the NLD has clearly
mentioned  its  programme in Foreign Policy, Ethnic Minorities, Economic
Policy, Agriculture, Trade Unions, Youth and Education, etc.  Are you
certain that the knowledge is  enough to judge the performances of the
opposition party without citing their programme and publications? 

Moreover, I think that you were not in Rangoon on 28 January 1996, the day
U Kyi Manug revisited the NLD policies to journalists and people who
gathered at the weekend forum. He also pledged that the NLD will publish a
series of books on the party's policies and programs once there exists
freedom of press in Burma. I would be very happy to send you a video record
of the forum if you like to get it.

If you have not got the PRINTS of the NLD programme  yet, please ask your
Myanmarese friends or the NLD in Burma. I just don't want to be the first
person to offer it for you. But, if you fail to get it during your next
visit to Burma, please just write a formal request to ISBDA with a
letterhead of your company. We will mail you the copy we have. 

I hope you will understand the desire of Burmese people some day.

Yours sincerely,

Dr. Kyaw Tint
Information Service on Burmese Democracy Affairs