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Asia Week Email

Dear Burma Readers,
NOT to distract you from the urgent need to contact senators over the 
S 1511 Burma Democracy Bill, there was call for interested readers 
wishing to contact directly Asia Week to voice their opinion regarding 
the money for proSlorc hacked stories coming out of Rangoon by a S 
Brookes who also thought it his holy right to attack BurmaNet for its 
prodemocracy battle for human rights, dignity and the freedom of men and 
women in Burma - against this kind of irreponsible press, which is not 
part of the free press. 

Again, best luck with your exams, work and effort to contact urgently the 
Senators. Incidently, thank you Strider for the fine defense upholding 
the Free Press of BurmaNet and its noble objectives. A resounding thank 
you. Dawn Star would also like S Brooke's email if anyone can so kindly 
send it. Salut!

Dawn Star, Paris

(Letters to the Editor can be sent to  Letters Department, Asiaweek, 
Citicorp Center 34F Causeway Bay, Hong Kong 
fax: (852) 27515384 (include writers, name, address and telephone number)