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Thingyan Festival / BACA invitation

Burmese Association of Capital Area invites you & your friends to their 
annual Thingyan Festival in Silver Spring, Maryland.  An opportunity to 
make new friends & reach out to others...

Mokhinga, Kaukswe & other ethnic food will be served.  If you live in 
the Baltimore or Metropolitan Washington D.C. area, please bring food 
enough for your family and guests.  Soft drinks, paperware and 
tableware will be provided by them.  ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES ARE NOT 

Since most of the activities will take place indoors, the weather 
should not affect our plans.  Outdoor facilities include tennis courts, 
soccer and football fields and baseball diamond.  The outdoor 
facilities are for public use, so come early if you want to use them.  

Some water-throwing is a norm, (after all it is a water festival) 
therefore to avoid going home wet, packing extra clothes is advisable.  
Bring your own bucket to celebrate the Thingyan.  Please do not, 
however, throw water inside the building and please make sure that 
children under your care understand this requirement.  Water will be 
privided outside the building for water throwing.  

There will be ENTERTAINMENT consisting of dances, songs and thangyats.  
If you wish to participate which they strongly encourage, please call 
the area representative.  

In the Metro D C area, call:

-Daw Iris @ 301-340-9137 or Daw Mary @ 301-530-8041

In the Baltimore area, call:

-Dr. Cecilia @ 410-321-6030

In Virginia, call:
-U Kyaw Win @ 703-641-8553

For volunteers, please contact one of their Representatives mentioned 

DATE:  Sunday May 19 1996
PLACE:  Good Hope Community Center, 14715 Good Hope Road, Silver 
Spring, MD 20904
TIME:  11 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.
DIRECTIONS:  Fr D.C.,  Take Route 29 <Colesville> North, Left on Briggs 
Fr Baltimore, take 29 <Colesville> South, Right on Briggs Chaney

***NOTE:  <burma@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> is NOT affiliate w/ Burmese Association 
of the Capital Area.  Pls contact these people mentioned above directly 
if you've any ques.  Thanks & happy belated Thingyan!!!