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Action Alert

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>From simon_billenness@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx May 10 20:12:07 1996
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Subject: Action Alert Reminder


May 10, 1996

Burma Freedom and Democracy Act (S.1511) Faces Crucial Test in U.S.Senate

Write Senator John Kerry!


There are already indications that Senator Kerry is easing on his opposition
to economic sanctions on Burma. If everyone on the Burma Roundtable email
list were to write and call Senator Kerry, he may shift in favor of S.1511.

It is largely confirmed that the Senate Banking Committee will hold hearings
on the "Burma Freedom and Democracy Act" (S.1511) at 10am, Friday, May 17.

Consequently, if you write or fax Senator Kerry, the letter must arrive AT

Regular Mail

If you intend to send a letter using regular mail, please do so by Monday,
May 13 to ensure its timely arrival. 

Overnight Mail

You may want to consider sending your letter by FedEx or another form of
overnight mail. This allows to mail your letter a day or so later and adds
tremendous impact to your letter. 


You can fax your letter up to and including May 16. You will find Senator
Kerry's fax number below.


Use the toll-free Congressional Switchboard number: (800) 972-3524

Thank you all again for your help! Please feel free to send me or Julia
Carpenter at CPPAX copies of your letters to Senator Kerry.

Simon Billenness
Franklin Research & Development
(617) 423 6655 x 225


The "Burma Freedom & Democracy Act" (S.1511) faces a crucial test in the
U.S. Senate.  The bill would impose U.S. economic sanctions on the Burmese
military junta.  The Senate Banking Committee has set a May 17 for hearings
and a vote on the bill. Senator John Kerry is a member of the Senate Banking

Senator John Kerry has previously expressed his opposition to unilateral
U.S. sanctions. However, in response to letters in support of S.1511,
Senator Kerry has stated that has "not yet taken a position" on the bill.

But, on May 17, Senator Kerry has to make up his mind.  We need to let
Senator Kerry know that Massachusetts voters strongly support the economic
sanctions on Burma outlined in the "Burma Freedom & Democracy Act" (S.1511).  

Here is a checklist of items to mention in your letter to Senator Kerry.
Feel free to change the order of the paragraphs and put the letter in your
own words. Send the letter to:

Senator John Kerry
United States Senate
Washington, DC 20510
224-2742  (or call the Capitol Switchboard toll-free at (800) 972-3524)
224-8525 fax

A mailed letter will probably have more impact than a fax. A fax will
probably have more impact than an email.  However, for added emphasis, you
could mail, fax and/or email a copy of the same letter. You should state at
the top of the letter, for instance: "VIA MAIL AND FAX."

Call to follow up on your letter and use the call to reiterate your request
that Senator Kerry support S.1511 in the hearings on the bill in the Senate
Banking Committee.

Points you can make in your letter to Senator Kerry.

Ask Senator Kerry to attend the upcoming hearings on the "Burma Freedom and
Democracy Act" (S.1511), scheduled for May 17 in the Senate Banking
Committee.  Specifically, ask Senator Kerry to support the bill at those

Make the case that the United States has the obligation and the ability to
take a lead in supporting Aung San Suu Kyi's call for economic sanctions on

Point out that economic sanctions are not designed to "isolate" Burma.
Sanctions put pressure on the Burmese military junta by depriving the regime
of the hard currency and legitimacy it derives from foreign investment.

Let Senator Kerry know that his actions on S.1511 will determine or
influence how you will vote in November.

Ask Senator Kerry to reply and explain what position he will take on the
"Burma Freedom & Democracy Act" (S.1511).  

Please send a copy of your letter (and any reply!) to CPPAX, 25 West Street,
Boston, MA 02111
(617) 426 3040