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Burma Island to Rent

(FEER)/Intelligence:Thailand Businessman To Rent Burma Island

   BANGKOK (AP-Dow Jones)--Thai entrepreneur Vikhom Aisiri is paying the =
government more than $1 million per year to rent an island in the Andaman=
where he has built a new resort hotel, the Andaman Club, the Far Eastern
Economic Review reports in the Intelligence section of its latest edition
   Vikhom has signed a 35-year lease for Thahtay Kyun Island, which he =
will become a popular tourist destination. The Thai businessman plans =
to add an
18-hole golf course and facilities for boating and other water sports. =

   In the meantime, guests at the 205-room hotel can entertain themselves=
playing the slot machines in two floors of game rooms or shopping in a
well-stocked duty-free shop. 
   (END) AP-DOW JONES NEWS 08-05-96