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Welcome to BurmaArtNet

Dear Friends of Burma,

BurmaArtNet is up on the Web!!!
(Its URL is: http://members.aol.com/freeburma/)

The BurmaArtNet gallery is dedicated to the people of Burma, 
especially to those who gave their lives for peace and freedom, 
and those who are still struggling for the cause. With the aspiration 
to preserve and promote our culture, heritage, paintings, cartoons, 
music, and other art works, this web page, created by distinguished 
Burmese artists, musicians, and cartoonists, is open for the enjoyment 
of all. 

Aside from exhibiting works of established artists, another function of 
the page is to provide exposure for little known but very talanted 
artists. Because of the country's isolation under the military 
dictatorship, artists remained unknown and could not have their work 
enjoyed nor the chance to participate in the world's artistic community. 
This is an ongoing effort and acknowledgement of ever-growing prominence 
of artists in Burmese national life. The presentation shown in this 
page shall seek constant revision and the best coverage of all important 
artworks of Burma across the board. Please enjoy your visit to BurmaArtNet. 

In peace and justice,
Free Burma