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re database Burma

Regarding your post, Sue Darlington, we in Paris are working on exactly 
that, indexing system, writing own code, for full interactive database, 
on Burma information. It should be fully operational any day now. Its a 
ton of work, but we will see what it looks like soon. It may be on the 
lines of what you are getting at in your post. 
In addition, we have been creating a Total site, a Pepsi site, and a 
Tourist site, for easy referencing, updates and archive.
Metta, Dawn Star, Paris

smdSS@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> From: Sue Darlington <smdSS@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> Subject: Re: Burmanet readers: would a burmanet database be of any use?
> I think it would be invaluable for the BurmaNetNews to be available as a
> database.  the main issue is to make it as accessable as possible to all --
> would people without Peacenet access (i.e, those of us who have the postings
> sent directly to our e-mail accounts) be able to access it?  Through e-mail
> or WWW would probably be the easiest, although I'm not sure how the former
> would work for searching particular subjects.  Some kind of index would be
> necessary. It's definitely worth the time and money, though.  Otherwise all
> that information is stored by some people with little means of putting it to
> good use.
> Thanks,
> Sue Darlington
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> School of Social Science
> Hampshire College
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