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Pepsi stays in Burma.


	Washington: Critics of Burma's military regime suffered a setback 
yesterday when American PepsiCo shareholders soundly defeated a resolution 
urging the company to end licence agreements in Burma.

	But they welcomed Pepsi's decision last week to sell its 40 per 
cent stake in a Burmese bottling plant, partly in response to civic 
pressure to server economic links there, and vowed to continue their 

	A shareholder resolution aimed at forcing Pepsi to end its 
franchise and licensing agreements in Burma drew only 4.2 per cent of 
votes cast yesterday at Pepsi's annual meeting in Purchase, New York.

	Such a small percentage means the resolution cannot be introduced 
again, according to Father Joseph La Mar, a Catholic priest whose order 
has led shareholder pressure on PepsiCo to pull out of Burma.

	No comment from Pepsi was available, but the company has said in 
the past it believes activities in Burma have raised standards of lving 
and shown the benefits of democracy.