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Postcards and T-shirt: "Death Pipel

Subject: Re: Postcards and T-shirt: "Death Pipeline"???

We think its great what you have done for the media, communication on logos t 
shirts etc
we would like to recommend that the "Stop the Pipeline" language consider
lets call it for what it is
this should have more impact, Death, people can (better) relate to

Dawn Star, 

brelief@xxxxxxx wrote:
> From: Ken and Visakha Kawasaki <brelief@xxxxxxx> 
> Burmese Relief Center--Japan follows closely the progress of the boycotts
> and campaigns of Free Burma Coalition and all groups involved with the
> restoration of Democracy in Burma.
> Two of the campaigns that we have been very much involved with are "Stop theGas Pipeline" (Unocal and Total) and "Boycott Visit Myanmar Year 1996."
> Regarding these two campaigns, BRC-J has created postcards and T-shirts with
> striking graphics.  We feel they would be effective for all groups and
> individuals promoting these campaigns.  The postcards can be used as picture
> postcards and sent to friends, or they can be sent as protest messages to
> the companies involved.  The T-shirt can be worn as a protest of its own, as
> a uniform for a group organizing a rally, or simply as a great shirt in its
> own right.
> To anyone who in interested we can send these graphics as a simple
> attachment to an e-mail message, which the receiver can view in a graphics
> program or as a graphic in a word-processing program such as WordPerfect or
> Word.  If you would like to view the cartoons (all drawn by the talented
> ABSDF artist Saw Ngo), please send us a message, and we will send the images
> in TIFF format.  We will not post them on BurmaNet because they are very big
> files which take a bit of time to download, so that any who have to pay for
> online time would not appreciate receiving them if they have not asked for
> them and cannot use them.
> If you are interested in purchasing any of these products, we have them for
> sale and would be happy to mail them to you or your group.  Please e-mail
> your order to us.  We will immediately ship the goods and send information
> for the remittance of the cost. (All proceeds from the sale of these goods
> go to support the students and refugees on the Thai/Burma border.)
> Prices include AirMail  postage
> Postcard (Set if 10, 5 of each design, US$8.00 )
>           Stop the Pipeline (Red lettering on Black and White drawing)
>           Boycott Visit Myanmar Year 1996 (Black and White drawing)
> T-shirt  ($25 each, special discount on orders of ten or more)
>           Don't Visit Myanmar Year 1996 (Full-color cartoon on front, plain
> back)
> Support Democracy, Support the Campaigns, Support the Refugees, Support
> those fighting for Democracy!