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Drug Meet in Rangoon (with or witho

Subject: Drug Meet in Rangoon (with or without Khun Sa?)

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The Daily Yomiuri
May 4, 1996


BANGKOK (Reuter) -- Narcotics suppression officials from Six
east Asian countries and the United Nations' drugs control agency
will meet in Myanmar next week to discuss further efforts in the
war on drugs, a U.N. official said on Friday. 

Myanmar is the world's largest producer of illegal opium and its
refined form, heroin. 

Participants at the meeting in Yangon, due to be held on
Wednesday, are also expected to sign agreements on two drug
control projects worth a total of $3 million, said the official from the
U.N. International Drug Control Program. 

Myanmar, Cambodia, China, Laos, Thailand, Vietnam and the
UNDCP will be represented. Besides Myanmar, opium is also
cultivated in Laos and Thailand. Traffickers smuggle much of the
output through Cambodia, China and Vietnam, officials say. 

The six countries approved a three - year drug control program for
the region at a meeting in Beijing last year.