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Correction on Burma Conference (r)

Michael is right on his criticisms.  Unfortunately, white & non-women
"policy-makers for the world" is the kind of school that many U.S.
international relations schools (certainly Johns Hopkins SAIS) are.  He is
also right that UNOCAL and their buddies will probably try to pack the
audience, which is why I'm trying to encourage people from the democracy
movement to attend.  

It should be an interesting conference in the sense that there will be alot
of cross-fire and we will be able to engage the opposition...


Phil Robertson

>From: Michael Beer <mbeer@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>On 4 May 1996 reaproy@xxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
>> Regarding the upcoming conference on Burma at Johns Hopkins SAIS, I have
>> been asked to clarify that the official title of one of the participants,
>> Aryeh Neier, is President of the Open Society Institute (OSI).  In the 
>> Hope to see you all on May 14 in Washington, D.C. for what promises to be a
>> very interesting conference.  
>I intend to come but have serious reservations about this "very 
>interesting conference."  
>I appreciate the effort made to get U.S. policy makers focussed on 
>Burma.  However, I fear the effort may be flawed.  Out of 2 panels of 5 
>people, 2 moderators and major speakers, the conference appears to only 
>have two Burmese speakers and zero women.
>I am tired of going to conferences on Burma and listening to non-Burmese 
>who have not lived in Burma, or speak Burmese tell us about "Burma today."
>The exclusion of women from full participation is disgusting.
>To add insult to injury, it appears that Unocal and their buddies will 
>try to pack the audience to promote their pro-SLORC drivel.
>Its important to practice democracy and diversity...not just preach it.