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Forced Relocation in Kyauk Kyi Town

Subject: Forced Relocation in Kyauk Kyi Township

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Burma Issues
Vol 6 No. 4
April, 1996


by CAC

Over the past few years, Burma Issues has
periodically reported on the human rights and civil
war situation in Pegu Division's Kyauk Kyi (Karen:
Ler Doh) Township. "Operation Dragon King"
(1993) detailed the systematic use of intimidation,
torture and execution by the Burmese army as a
strategy against civilian populations in 'brown
zones', between government and rebel - controlled
areas. More recently, three articles in the series
"Forced Labor in Kyauk Kyi Township" exposed
how the villagers caught in military - controlled
areas are subject to continuous economic and
political pressures, resulting in the loss of their
lands, property, homes and community resources. 
The latest report from Kyauk Kyi is one farmer's
account of his experience with forced relocation by
the Burma army in their ongoing efforts to suppress
armed rebels in the area. 

He speaks: 

I am a Karen person of Ler Doh Township, Myet
Yeh Village, and am also a farmer. While I was
staying there, unimaginable events occurred,
starting on April 3, 1991 Between Myet Yeh and
Ter Baw villages there was an outbreak of fighting
between KNU and Na Wa Ta. The Na Wa Ta
battalion leader named Aung Kyeh beat our
villagers, then sent people to live in a place between
Ler Doh and Nat Thah Gway, adjacent to Noh Go
village. Not only people from my village had to go
there, but from ten other villages as well. 

The place we were relocated to had no work, so it
was very difficult for us to earn a living.  For the
next two years we had to return periodically to our
former village, nine miles away, to work the fields.
If Na Wa Ta saw people in the area, they would
strip them of possessions or arrest them and make
them work as porters. Life was very difficult then. 

At the end of two years, permission was given for
the people to return home - all except those from our
village.  We had to spend one year at another
location. At the end of that year we were happy to
be told by the Na Wa Ta that we could finally go
home. But we were only re - established for four
months when the KNU came into our village. As a
result, the Na Wa Ta instructed us to move again. 

For five years, between 1991 and 1996, our
villagers were always moving around and
struggling to survive.  Some of us ate rice soup
(made from pounded rice grains) the whole time.
On 6th February 1996, in Ler Doh Township
fighting broke out again at Nat Thah Gway. After
the KNU and Na Wa Ta started fighting again, Na
Wa Ta gave us five days to move back to our old
relocation places.  This time ten villages had to
move to a place called Yah Myo Aung --  the order
came from Infantry Battalion 60 commander Nyee
So.  From there we are taken as porters or forced to
pay porter fees of 3000 kyats. 

Now I went to share this information with the
"Information Regarding Kyauk Kyi Township, Pegu
Division," 950396