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BurmaNet News May 1, 1996 (r)

Due to student pressure from boycotts and petitions, the Marriott food
services at Colgate Universtiy has agreed to switch from Pepsi to Coke
this summer.  In the beginning of April we held a Boycott Pepsi day and
got over 600 signatures for a petition asking Marriott to stop serving
Pepsico products at Colgate.  We feel that the boycott was a huge success
not only because Marriott has agreed to switch to Coke, but also because
there was a noticable decline in Pepsi consumption following the boycott.

The student senate at Colgate also agreed to back our efforts to set up 
an investment committee which would determine Colgate's social 
responsibilities.  Colgate currently has investments in both Texaco and
- Hannah Newhall