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Japan Grants Burma 5 Billion Yen In Debt Relief
   RANGOON (AP-Dow Jones)--Japan has granted Burma 5 billion 
yen in debt relief, the Japanese Embassy said Tuesday. 
   Burma still owes Japan 400 billion yen. 
   Notes were exchanged between Japanese Ambassador Yoichi 
Yamaguchi and Minister of Finance Gen. Win Tin. 
   The grant covers the capital and interest on Overseas 
Development Assistance loans until March 1987, said a press 
release from the embassy. 
   The intention is to produce the same effect as canceling 
a debt, the statement said. 
   Japan granted Burma 4 billion yen worth of debt relief 
in June 1995. 
   Also Tuesday, Japan donated $99,405 to the Burma Medical 
Association for HIV/AIDS prevention projects in Burma's second 
largest city, Mandalay, 560 kilometers north of Rangoon. 
   (END) AP-DOW JONES NEWS 27-02-96