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Burma Opposition Figure Outlines Economic Policy
   BANGKOK (AP-Dow Jones)--Burma's pro-democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi
outlined the economic policy of her political party Monday. 
   Suu Kyi made her policy statement in her weekly column in the Mainichi=
News of Japan. It calls for an open-market economy, and she said its
credibility will be based on an open and democratic political system. =

   'A democratic Burma will be an economically dynamic Burma,' Suu Kyi =
   The 1991 Nobel Peace Prize winner laid out 11 general economic objecti=
She was responding to critics who say she is bad for business. 
   Suu Kyi said the details of how to put the policies into practice can =
found in a paper called 'Prospects for Sustainable Development in Burma,'
submitted to the United Nations Development Program by Dr. David Dapice, =
professor at Harvard University in the U.S.. 
   'This is important because the military government has been portraying=
 her as
a crypto-socialist,' said Bertil Lintner, a Bangkok-based author of sever=
books on Burma. 
   Lintner said the most significant of her party's economic objectives =
is a
clause calling for 'a review of the exchange rate, followed by necessary
   Burma's currency, the kyat, is traded at an official exchange rate =
of about
six to one U.S. dollar. The more widely used black market rate is 120 =
kyats to
the dollar, and inflation is estimated at 35% a year. 
   (END) AP-DOW JONES NEWS 05-02-96