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ASEM, free-speech, Thai democracy a

Subject: ASEM, free-speech, Thai democracy and Burma

democrats may be interested to know that Burmese dissidents in Thailand
are being prevented from airing their views in person at or near the
ASEM conference in Bangkok.

Former students and other asylum-seekers living in the "Burmese
Students' Safe Area Camp" at Maneeloy in Ratchaburi Province, Thailand
are required to stay in the camp until after ASEM closes.  Usually they
are allowed to travel to Bangkok for, e.g. immigration interviews with
embassies, medical checks.  But not this week, in case they try and
"disrupt" the conference.

In recent months, travel out of the camp for more personal reasons -
family visits for example, has been more closely scrutinised by Camp
authorities, and often refused.

from the Twilight Zone
                    "Silence helps only the oppressor, never the victim"
                                                          -- Elie Wiesel
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