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Comment from Reader on Chao Tzang Y

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Subject: Comment from Reader on Chao Tzang Yawnghwe articles

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Subject: RE: Two articles by Chao Tzang Yawnghwe
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"I am an alumni of 
Yale and I would like for those out there on the Burmanet to know
that I believe that Yale's determination to go to Burma this year
is very political.  Yale has a bad record on these types of matters.
They had many investments in South Africa and it took quite a long
time and many protests to get them to take any kind of action.
Many people seem to think that Yale is liberal, and although it
can be a liberal atmosphere while one is there, the "yale
corporation" which actually runs the place is very conservative.
So, don't be fooled by the rhetoric, that's all it is. They know
very well what the political score is, and I would not be at all
surprised if in a short while they had investments in Burma."