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FEER article

(FEER)/Intelligence/Burma: Cos Find Back Door Through Israel

   BANGKOK (AP-Dow Jones)--Large Western companies may have 
a problem investing in Burma because they face protests and 
shareholder resolutions back home. But not if they have links 
with Israeli companies, reports the Far Eastern Economic Review 
in the Intelligence column of its edition published Thursday. 
   Telerad, a subsidiary of the Israeli conglomerate KOR, has 
helped Canada's Northern Telecom get around the problem. 
Telerad is making 70% of the switching equipment for Burma's 
telephone system. 
   Nortel has a long-standing research tie-up with Telerad and 
last year bought 20% of the company. 'Telerad's deal in Burma 
allows Nortel to be in a market it would be otherwise hard to 
reach,' says an Israeli businessman in Bangkok. 
   (END) AP-DOW JONES NEWS 21-02-96

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