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Maps (1:250,000) needed

Can anyone help me find the two maps marked * below ?  The others I have
I have tried DK Books all over Bangkok, who seem to sell the best maps
which are in English & Thai, (1:250,000 - Royal Survey Department, I

But the index to the maps which is always on the shelf next to them,
shows these * but does not list them as available.  Where can I get them
from ?

NE 47-2 2*      A Chiang Dao    (Mae Hong Son / Chiang Rai area)
        5       Chiang Mai      
        10      Amphoe Li       
        15      Moulmein        
ND 47-2 21*     Ye      (Kanchanaburi / 3 Pagodas Pass)
        27      Tavoy

Failing that, I'd just like to know a different source for 1:250,000
maps of the Thai-Burma border area.

Thanks !

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