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Rights violations along Burma/India

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Subject: Rights violations along Burma/India border (FTUB)

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Subject: HR violation in Kabaw valley
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Subject: HR violation in Kabaw valley
Human Rights abuses and forced labour cases in West Burma Region (Kabaw 
valley, Kalay region)
People in this region are forced to donate their labour for Nat Chaung-Gangaw 
rail-road construction. If any person who cannot donate their labour  they must 
give 700 Kayts per individual and 1500 Kyats per family to authority.
Because of so many atrocities in work place, one forced labour worker killed a 
soldier by his spade and fled to Mizoram, India during first week of September 
Since from rail-road work start, at least 4 persons (workers) expired in work 
place but they had no compensation from authority.
Many people were suffering fever (Malaria), dysentery and injuries during 
working time but there has no medical aid to lobourers.
>From January 1996, SLORC increased the rate of tax as follow:
150     kyats/year      for Radio
150     kyats/year      for Cassette Recorder
5,000   kyats/year      for Small Home Rice Mail
10,000  kyat/year       for  par House (Wooden)
100,000 kyat/year       for  par  House (Brick)