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Asian Age: 12 Feb.

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12 February 1996


Kawmoora (Burma), Feb. 11: Tension is high on the Thai Burmese border as 
Thai Army reinforcements move up to the  frontier and the two uneasy 
neighbours accuse each other of supporting rival Burmese rebel factions.
   Thai troops are moving into the area after a series of violent cross-border raids 
and their commanders are vowing immediate relation for any further intrusions. 
Thai forces will stage live-fire military exercises near the border later this week, 
a Thai officer said. The ethnic Karen gunmen in Burma held responsible for the 
attacks admitted crossing into Thailand to kill their rivals and appeared 
determined to continue their fight.
   Thai Army officers said last week a Karen rebel splinter faction, the 
Democratic Karen Buddhist Army had made 15 raids into Thailand since 
October including a January 30 attack on a village in which a policeman and two 
civilians were killed for the first time, senior Thai Army officers directly accused 
Burma of complicity in the DKBA was being supplied and directed by Burmese 
government forces. A senior DKBA officer denied that his were responsible for 
raids on Thai villages but admitted they did cross into Thailand to kill members 
of the Karen National Union militants group living in the refugee camps. "We've 
never attacked Thai villages but kill KNU members," Captain Kyaw Thay told a 
small group of reporters at his camp on the Burmese bank of a border river. 
"There are lots of KNU members on the Thai side of KNU members on the 
Thai side of the border," he said. There would be peace only when KNU leaders 
negotiated a settlement with the DKBA's leader, Buddhist monk U. Thuzana, 
he said.   (Reuter)



Bangkok, Feb. 11: A Burmese students organisation on Sunday called for the 
Opposition and government to hold talks as a way of a milestone in Burma's 
independence movement.
   The All Burma Students' Democratic Front called on the government to begin 
talks with ethnic leader and democratic leader and Nobel laureate Aung San Suu 
Kyi, to bring peace and unity to the country.
   The All Burma Students' Democratic Front said the State Law and Order 
Restoration Council continued the policies of General Ne Win, whose 1962 
coup d'tect was followed by almost 30 years of economic decline and civil war. 
"Only a Constitution founded on equality, mutual understanding and mutual 
respect can bring (the) peace and lasting union of all Burma people," an 
ABSDF statement said. Monday marks the 49th anniversary of the Peng Long 
agreement, signed by Aung San February 12, 1947.    (AFP)