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" Doing Business with Myanmar!!! "

"Doing Business with Military Dictators"

The Netherlands-Myanmar Council for Trade Promotion (NMCT) is sponsoring 
an information meeting "doing business with myanmar" on March 13,1996 at 
14:30 hour in the Chamber of Commerce and Fabrics (Beursplein 37, Grand-
hall) in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.
The NMCT was founded on December 08,1995 with the goal to stimulate trade 
between both countries and to offer Myanmar the possibilities as a 
business partner under the attention of the Netherlands business world.
The info meeting will be opened by H.J.Stevens, the chairman of the 
Myanmar Consul in the Netherlands, and the main speaker will be Pyo We Win,
one of the sons of dictator Ne Win (son-of-a-gun) and will read on "doing 
business with myanmar". The other speakers are W.Radelaar (cultural 
aspects of myanmar), P.van Zanten,general manager ING bank (financial 
aspects) and P.Loos, deputy director Indosuez bank (strategy with respect 
to myanmar). The secretary of the NMCT, G.Westenburg, mentioned that the 
interested persons are required to inform the office as soon as possible 
before March 08, 1996.
The Burma Bureau/Germany would like to invite comments on this meeting 
"doing business with slorc" from the international community, especially 
from our friends of The Netherlands. We are of the opinion that the info 
meeting is only to do with "doing business with military dictators slorc"
and nothing to do with Burma. The NMCT is absolutely not doing the trade 
promotion, but slorc promotion. The NL-council should be far-sighted and 
should consider long-term trade relationship with democratic Burma in the 
interest of both nations, otherwise it might become a "hate promotion".