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Update in Palaw township

"Students' Sport Festival 1996" in Tavoy leads more taxation
	This year "Students Sport Festival 1996", a yearly festival since
Slorc took power will be held in Tavoy, Tanessarim Division. For preparing
to successfully and magnificently hold the festival, the Slorc ordered to
give 5,000,000 for each township in Tanessarim Division.  A special fund
collecting and receiving committee led by U Htay Aung (Secretary of
Township Lorc) in Palaw township was formed .  According to the order No
2/95 dated Dec 22, 1995, the committee would levy the taxation to all
business owners and people in accordance with the fixed rate until the end
of October 1996.
	 Small business like tailor, beauty saloon, hairdressers, book
rental shop, betel-nut shop are ordered to pay 5-10 kyats daily while
restaurant, grocery shop and store are required to pay 20-30 daily. All
government service sections and departments are also ordered to levy the
fixed rate such as 150 kyats for one trip of passenger car in the
township, 500 kyats for one trip of boat to Rangoon, 50 kyats for one acre
of rubber per day. The rate depends on the size of business.  Even the
animal are not spare for the tax. Each pig or cattle that passes through
the township are levied 15 kyats.
	Anyone who need the recommendation letter from the Township Lorc
are forced to pay 500 kyats for the "Students Sport Festival". 

Recent forced relocation in Tanessarim Division
	With the accusation of having contact with the ethnic armed groups
in the region, hundreds of villages in Tanessarim Division have been
relocated one place to place by the order of Slorc.  Many villages in the
specific village groups have been ordered to the Slorc's designated area
under their control.
	The former villages were closed to the villagers' farming land
where was convenient for them and rich of natural fertilizers.  Recently,
military commander from LIB (403) based in Thetyetchaung township has
ordered the villages in Ait Ait village group to relocate or burnt down if
the villagers do not cooperate with the army. These villages are Ait Ait,
Kyauk Takwa, Mee-laung-chaung, malakar Chaung, Pa-on (Karen), Pa-on (Mon),
Kyauk-Se, Kin Pun Chone, Se Taw, Kamar Ain, Pe-Chaung Pya and Padauk, all
from Ait Ait village group. 

one more tax for upgrading Tavoy College
	Since they became power, the Slorc has been attempting to build up
the new colleges.  Some two-academic-year colleges are upgraded into
four-academic-year university in every 14 states and divisions. It seems
Slorc is promoting the education sector in Burma and all the regions are
developing. However, one of the main reasons of the Slorc to do so is to
decentralize the student movement and make the students scatter all over
the country. In this way, when the student-led demonstration occurs, Slorc
can easily handle by all means. 
	Tavoy College was opened in 1977 and giving two-academic-year
courses. Slorc is[A now upgrading the college into four-academic-year
degree college in the future. Unsurprisingly, local people in Tanessarim
Division are ordered to contribute for the cost of upgrading Tavoy
College.  All townships in Tanessarim Division are obligatory to donate
15,000,000 kyats. 

censorship on theater jokes
	There are about 15 local Burmese traditional theater groups in
Tanessarim Division and most are based in Tavoy township.  They all are
under the control of Division Traditional Theater Art Council according to
the Slorc order. A new regulation was imposed on the Burmese comedians to
get permission from the local authorities before their performance. 
	No political jokes or jokes on forced labor and human rights
situation in the region are allowed during the performed.  Last December,
two well-famous local comedians;  U O.K (from Thitsa Oo group) and U Pan
Pwint (from Shwe Tharapu group) were strongly warned by the Slorc
authorities for their jokes about the Ye-Tavoy railway forced labor.
	The regulation is less restricted in the rural area but in the
urban area, it is so restricted, according to the one comedian from Palaw
township. Comedians are only allowed to make jokes which have been
permitted by the Slorc.  Sometimes they are ordered to perform without any
for the military. 

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