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No Subject Given (r)

Dear Teena Gill

I am sorry I do not have the information you want. It is laborious, but I
suggest you might look up the Southeast Asia List archive. The monthly note
sent out by Elliott Parker I hope the following extract is of help

8.3 To get a list of available SEASIA-L files (past postings and
    any files available from the server) send the following:

8.4 Once you get a list of files (from 8.3, above), you get the
    particular file by sending:
    GET filename filetype
    Note that both the filename and filetype are required and
    separated by a space.
       Each message is archived in a "notebook."  The early
    notebooks were saved on a monthly basis.  When these became
    too big, it was changed to a weekly basis.  Large files may
    not make it through the various network nodes to you.
       It is more efficient to search the archives and get only
    the messages of interest.  Send GET DATABASE SEARCH to
    LISTSERV@xxxxxxx to get a short explanation of how to do

Regarding the matter of abuse on the list. I too got that obnoxious
message. There are some hoons on the Internet, but I do not think there is
anything that may be done except ignore them

Best wishes

Gehan Wijeyewardene gew400@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx