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German minister cancels Burma trip

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Asahi Evening News
February 10, 1996


Bonn -- German's development minister canceled a trip to
Burma after the military government forbade him from meeting
with activist Aung San Suu Kyi, officials said Friday.

Burmese authorities said Development Minister Carl Dieter
Spranger could meet with either officials of the military
government or with Suu Kyi -- but not both, the ministry said.

Spranger canceled the visit, set for next week, because he felt
the choice would damage his commitment to human rights, the
ministry said, adding that the ultimatum would harm Burma's
attempt to strengthen ties with the West.

Spranger said he regretted canceling his visit, "which had
become a sign that the Asian country was returning tot he
community of peace -  and freedom -  loving nations."