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No Subject Given

I am interested in following up on  various United Nations activities and
projects in Burma, as I am writing/researching on the role of the UN in SE

I would very much appreciate  some information on this, which can be sent to
me at my email address at sala thai:  Teena Gill@xxxxxxxxxxxx

P.S.I would also like to bring to your attention some rude messages I have
been receiving through BurmaNet filed in my name and well as for all BurmaNet

On 7th Feb. I received this message in my personal mailbox:

Yo can ask for somebody else's credentials if he is applying for a job
with you. This is a mailing list Sir, which is supposed to be a forum
of news about Burma. As for myself, I'm not interested in your hate-
messages to each other. As a routine, I'm deleting all the messages
with "Re: Response to MGG Pillai" without even reading it. But the 
number of those messages are getting out of proportion. Stop it 
please, and e-mail to each other's individual addresses. I'm not
going to state which of the conflicting opinions I side with in 
this argument, because both of you are entitled to your own opinions
as well as to make it public in this forum. Even the argument can 
go on as long as it contains information relevant to the purpose 
of this forum. 
By the way, I'm a journaist too. To which of you shall I submit my
credentials to be entitled to express my opinion?

Imre Der

Hungarian News Agency
Business Information Service
1016 Budapest
Naphegy ter 8
Tel.: +36 -1 201 2972
Fax.: +36 -1 201 2209

On the same day my response was:

Attn. Imre Der

I am not quite sure why you sent me a note to my personal email address. I
have not idea what you are talking about as I just joined BurmaNet today.
Please make sure you know who you are sending mail to and for what purpose.

Teena Gill
7th Feb.1996

On 8th Feb. I received this message:

fuck you asswipe

I would be grateful if you could inform me if you know anything about this.
Teena Gill

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