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petition Heineken Burma

Dear friends,

Burma needs your help! A SEED Europe and Solidarity Fund XminusY just
launched a campaign in the Netherlands to demand from the beer-TNC 
Heineken that they leave Burma and stop their cooperation with the 
dictatorship SLORC.
This campaign kicked off very well and the press is very interested! 
We think that it is very possible that they will pull out of Burma. 
That would be a major victory, and an example for other companies! 
Putting pressure on them right now is very important, so please sign 
this petition, let us know ASAP and we will present the list to them.
Even better, please also print it out and fax it to them yourselves: 
+31 20 6263503 (att. Vuursteen (chair of the board) & Verwey, 
(Corporate Public Affairs Officer). Still even better, find ways of 
putting pressure on Heineken in your country!


Asia Pacific Breweries Ltd. (APBL), a joint venture of Heineken (it 
has 42,5% of the shares and a 50% management share) and the Singapore 
based Fraser and Neave, founded a joint venture with the Union of 
Myanmar Economic Holdings Ltd. (UMEHL), to construct a brewery in 
Rangoon, Myanmar Brewery Ltd. APBL holds 60% of the shares and 40% is 
held by UMEHL. The brewery is being built under the supervision of 
Heineken Technical Services. The brewery is expected to be completed 
in September 1996. Shares in UMEHL are held by the Ministry of 
Defence, Defence Service personnel, regimental institutes 
and senior ex-servicemen. 40% is owned by the Directorate of 
Procurement of the Ministry of Defense, the department responsible for 
the buying of arms.

                        The petition
TO: Heineken N.V.

Hereby we want to express our concern regarding the investment of 
Heineken in the Myanmar Brewery Ltd. in Burma. Through this investment 
Heineken is directly supporting the military regime of the SLORC 
(State Law and Order Restoration Council), an illegal military junta 
that forcibly seized power in 1988.
With this investment Heineken ignores the appeal made by the 
democratic opposition, represented by Nobel Peace Laureate Aung San 
Suu Kyi. Her party, the National League for Democracy, won 82% of the 
seats in 1990, during the last free elections in Burma. SLORC ignored 
the results. Suu Kyi and other opposition groups have repeatedly 
requested that international companies not invest in Burma at the 
present time because investment reinforces the position
of SLORC. Foreign investments keep the SLORC in power, by providing 
hard currency.
The SLORC is one of the most oppressive regimes in the world today. 
Forced labour, forced relocation, killings and arrests are their daily 
routine. The SLORC is at war with its own people. The United Nations 
General Assembly has already adopted five consensus resolutions 
calling for the SLORC to respect the will of the people, to accelerate 
the process of democratization and to improve human rights. The most 
recent one was put forth on December 5th, 1995.

Heineken is building a brewery now in Burma in a joint venture with 
the UMEHL, a holding that is owned by the military. By investing in 
cooperation with the military, Heineken is an accomplice in the 
tragedy of the Burmese people. We demand that Heineken stops its 
cooperation with the SLORC and pulls out of Burma.


Thanks for your effort. If you sign, we will keep you updated. Please 
forward this to other organizations.

On behalf of A SEED Europe and XminusY, yours truly, Kees Kodde

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