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REQUEST: Video of Myanmareseeeee SL

Subject: REQUEST: Video of Myanmareseeeee SLORC military 

Dear Burmanet;

I am wondering if someone in Burmanet could help us find this video out.  
Please send reply to tmyint@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx .Your help would be highly 

The description of video tape is:

     I do not know the name of the video. It was shot clandestinely in 
     Burma by a non-Burmese woman who was working there. I do not even 
     recall the name of this woman. It was the most extraordinary video - 
     containing interviews with former soldiers who recounted their 
     treatment of women. One scene in particular I recall of soldiers 
     sexually harrassing women.
     That's all I have to go on. Other people seem to recall the video but 
     do not know the source. I wish I had collected more information when 
     the video was shown in Huairou but I was, frankly, so stunned by the 
     I certainly would appreciate any help you might be able to provide to 
     locate this video. Thank you.