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An Appeal to the BurmaNet Editor (r)

Subject:       Re: An Appeal to the BurmaNet Editor

Neither JS nor MGG Pillai began this attacks.  It began when others 
on this thread attacked me when I questioned some of the premises on 
which statements were made.  Since then, it has been an unrelenting 
attack on me personally.  I make it a point -- however much you 
disagree -- to reply to every attack on me, publicly if that attack 
is public, privately if that is made privately.  If the attacks stop, 
I shall stop;  if it does not, I shall respond.


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> Subject:        An Appeal to the BurmaNet Editor
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> From: zni@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (zar ni)
> Dear BurmaNet Editor,
> Would you kindly intervene and put an end to the discussion RE:  MGG Pillai
> and JS.  We are not here talking about the exercise of freedom of speech or
> dialogue.
> They are trying to divert our attention and energies from what we have been
> doing.
> Let them call us opportunists or hypocrites.  We don't want to bring
> ourselves down to that level they seem to be functioning, do we?
> Justice will prevail.
> Sincerely,
> zarni
M.G.G. Pillai