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Free Burma Activities in the US

Dear All,

Following is the list of Burma events at various locations.

I.  Burma Workshops and lectures:

1) American University
        Ma Khin Ohnmar gave a talk last night on campus .
        The talk was cosponsored by  Community Action Social Justice (CASJ)
&  Amnesty                  International

2)     Burma Workshop by FBC
        at Midwest Regional Student Environmental Activist
        Conference (University of Minnesota)

        1:00 PM, February 10
        3rd floor, Coffman Memorial Union

       Contact: Marnie at (612) 623-9632

3)  Burma Talk by FBC
        DePaul University
        Center for Human Rights

        March 6, 1996

        Contact:  Mary Bunker at mbunker@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

4) Burma Talk/workshop by FBC

        New York SEAC Conference

        Date:  TBA

        Contact: Bill Capowski at wjcapows@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

5) Burma Talk by FBC

        at Michigan

        Date: TBA

        Contact: Roberta at RGUERRA@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

6)  Beyond Rangoon Showing

        Northwestern University

        For date, time and place, contact Brad Simpson at simpsonb@xxxxxxx

7) Beyond Rangoon Showing

        Colorado College

        Contact Jon Shay at erc@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

8)  Viewing of Daw Aung San Suu Kyi's Keynote address

        Indiania University-Bloomington

        Contact: Ko Tun Myint at tmyint@xxxxxxxxxxx

9)  Mills College, Oakland, California
        Daw Aung San Suu Kyi's keynote address

        Women's Leadership for a New Century: Beyond Beijing

        April 13, 1996

        Contact: Edna Mitchell
        Director, Women's Leadership Institute
        (510) 430-2365

II.  New Burma Groups:

We have several more groups, that have signed on to our campaign recently.
Please share the campaign-related information with them.

1)  Ohio University

        Lisa Brooten


2)  New York Student Environmental Action Coalition (SEAC)

        Bill Capowski


3)  Arizona SEAC

        Chris Ford


4)  Free the Planet  Group

         Rich Taketa


5) Mary Washington University

        Annabelle Ripper
        Box MNC-2301
        17 College Avenue
        Fredericksburg, VA 22401-466

(MW is having a major reinstallation of their email system there.  So they
can't be reached by email at the moment.)

6) Student Coalition for Burmese Freedom
        George Ted hobart
        Warren Wilson College

        e-mail ghobart@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

III.  Media Coverage

        1. Yale Daily

        February 6 or 7 issue. Please check out the Yale University Webpage
where they upload Yale Daily News. There will be a news story on Free Burma
Campaign and Yale Alumni Trip to Burma.

        2. INC. magazine is writing an article about the Free Burma Campaign.

        3.  John Pilger, Australian-born documentary film-maker, is making
a film on Burma.  Pilger is an internationally acclaimed artist who has won
BBC Best Documentary Film-maker awards twice.

That's it for now.