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From IU Vice President Ken Gros Lou

Subject: From IU Vice President Ken Gros Louis 

Date: Mon, 5 Feb 96 16:15:46 EST
To: tmyint@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: From Ken Gros Louis

>From:	PRISM::GROSLOUI      5-FEB-1996 14:51:55.56
Subj:	RE: I need to talk to you

Thanks for your thoughtful E-Mail.  As you may already suspect, I am
sympathetic to your concerns.  You may also know that the Alumni
Association is a separate entity and really not a part of the governance
structure of the Bloomington campus.  

One suggestion that I do think is helpful would be for you or the
President of the Burmese student association or both, or some group of
students to write to the participants on the trip about your concerns. I
wouldn't shy away from writing them as strongly as you think is

As I said, the Alumni Association is separate from Bloomington.  I also
understand that the issue was raised at a meeting of the Executive Council
of the Alumni Association.  Still, I think it would be good for students
to pass on their thoughts -- which I find well articulated here -- to the
participants.  Again, many thanks for your thoughfulness and concern.