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Response to MGG Pillai & Tribal Man

Subject: Re: Response to MGG Pillai & Tribal Man

>From: "M.G.G. Pillai" <PILLAI@xxxxxxxxx>
>Good luck with your fight for Burmese democracy from your anonymous 
>> Date sent:      03 Feb 1996 07:55:26
>> Send reply to:  Conference "reg.burma" <burmanet-l@xxxxxxxxxxx>
>> From:           an304997@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
MGG Pillai, the more you harrass, the more you show others what you are
and where you come from. do some real work, contribute positively or
get off the net and leave the good burmese people and their hardworking
and modest supporters in peace. its apparent you are a lonely sad
person looking for help. first help yourself, then maybe others may
proffer what you are looking for. the burmese people and their kind do
not need your kind of banter or chagrin. they have suffered enough and
are good strong people. apparently you know that, and are jealous. go
off for a while and meditate, or just go away. metta,and farewell

Subject:        Re: Response to MGG Pillai
>> To:             Recipients of burmanet-l <burmanet-l@xxxxxxxxxxx>
>> From: an304997@xxxxxxxxxxx(The Tribal Man)

>> Mr/Mrs Pillai,
>> If you have a better ideas to make Burma more democratic,
>> please bring them up to the discussion. For laymen like me,
>> all we know to do is "throwing stones at SLORC from far away,"
>> unless, of course, you show us a better way.  Throwing your
>> big words (and holier-than-thou attitute) at us does not
>> help either.
>> You can belittle me for using anonymous email account. But I
>> simply don't think your opinions or provocations are worth
>> revealing myself, thereby endangering my family back home in
>> Burma. They had suffered enough already.
>> Welcome to the jungle.
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>M.G.G. Pillai

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