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Response to MGG Pillai (r)

>From: "W. Kesavatana-Dohrs" <dohrs@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>You said you were a journalist.  I asked for your credentials.  Is not
>routine for those who claim to be journalists to be asked to show that

>they ARE in fact journalists?
>I haven't seen much of what you call "contrary views."  I have seen 
>uncalled for snide remarks made to Burmese activists who fear
>against their families in Burma.  
> > 
>> The Nieman Foundation for Journalism at Harvard University would 
>> tell you who I am.  But I still fail to see the relevance in this 
>> discussion.  Are you telling me that anyone who comes with a
>> view must prove his credentials?
>> MGG
hey mgg, stick you high credentials on your chest and get lost!
what have you written, who pays your for hacking, and why do you do it
anyway, if not only to bother everyone, get the hell out of here and do
us all a favor, too bad we can't throw you out of the hall, but then
internet is freedom so we all have to suffer your sob bs. get lost now
in cyberspace, what a drag to have you crashing on us, you really sound
like an all for nothing loser. thats it from me, already too much time
and bytes wasted on you. get the message jack, beat it, go back to your
proud credentials. you really are a fun waste of time, but this is too
low. anybody reading this should delete
>> M.G.G. Pillai
>> pillai@xxxxxxxxx

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