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French President Chirac in the US

Subject: Re: French President Chirac in the US

z, please post

Saw the French evening news here, the French are so proud that
President Chirac is chumming it up selling French economic investment,
export to the US. Remember, the French live on exports, they produce
little here for home consumption, and home consumption is flat zero or
near it as the French economy is bust. Boycott French wines, boycott
french products! Embarrass the Chirac trade mission!

Anyone who can should organise Free Burma Protest telling the French to
get out of Burma! Partners in Genocide. Chirac should be hounded
everywhere he goes for his rightwing embarrassment of Clinton's liberal
Democratic democracy. Partners in Nato. Partners In Burma. Tell the
French to get the hell out of Burma NOW!

If you don't tell him that in the US, its even harder doing it over
here. Please get on it.

Thank you
Dawn Star, Paris 

What is the world waiting for?
Dawn Star
Friends of Burma
Free Burma Action Group France
Burma Net Pipeline (Total) Coordinator

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