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Total 95 corporate results Financia (r)

Subject: Re: Total 95 corporate results Financial Times (01/02 96)

>Subject: Re: Total 95 corporate results Financial Times (01/02 96)
>Did anyone clip, type & post (or in the process of doing thereof)
>Thursday's FT report re Total corporate results? If not, will do, here.
>Thank you 
>What is the world waiting for?
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>Free Burma Action Group France
>Burma Net Pipeline (Total) Coordinator
>UVI.net Magazine / Cybernet World
>Inter@ctive Net Editions
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>tel  (33 1) 43 29 27 18; fax (33 1) 43 29 32 44
Please!  Looking forward to getting it.

By the way, we wish people involved in the anti-pipeline movement would
order and use the great postcards we have printed from ABSDF student Saw
Ngo's great artwork.  It would help support and encourage the students (who
need it desperately!) and one cartoon effectively equals a lot of words!

May you be well, peaceful and happy.

With metta,

Visakha and Ken