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Burma's constitution meeting takes (r)

Subject:  Re: Burma's constitution meeting takes a break -Reply


I am assuming that you are teaching at the University of Washington, in a
Southeast Asian Studies program, and would like to make contact.

I have recently joined the Georgetown faculty after many years in the SE
Asian region, in the foreign service, as a correspondent (FEER), and
latterly as a think-tank wallah (Carnegie Endowment).  I'm still finding my
way around the academy (meaning writ large) and need to find out more
about U. Wash as I hear many good things about it.

I hope I am note troubling you with this note; what Iwould like to do is
learn more about the SE Asia strength of your show out there, and
begin to exchange ideas, and alert you to programs which we are
getting under way here. 

Anyway...respond if you are so minded.

James Clad
Research Professor of Southeast Asian Studies
School of Foreign Service
Georgetown University

(Sunday, 28 Jan: 1810 hours EDT)