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help! (r)

  I am now involoved more and more with Burma and the Burmese around
Washington, D.C. and  Philadelphia because I have/ had a Burmese girlfriend.
 She unfortunately lives in Tokyo.

  Please teach me more about your view from within Burma.  I know someone who
was in Rangoon during the massacre.  To me, NOTHING is impossible, just
temporarily difficult.   We ,... all of us... must talk and plan.
Grassroots is a good start.  In the words of the author of: "How to drive the
Competition Crazy..."   .   Examine the situation, research the opponent, and
then do something unexpected.   
  Else, only the Golden Rule applied back to the SLORC, The people must NOW
do unto the SLORC as they have done unto the people.

Philip F. McCracken, III
(703)660-9473  near Wash.,D.C.