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Information Request

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Date: Fri, 23 Feb 1996 21:34:42 -0800

1  Will the person who asked for a list of mayors of Rangoon please
   contact me again.  I've deleted your address.  Anyone else interested
   in a 10 page list of the mayors of Rangoon since the beginning of 
   time, feel free to contact me.

2  Has anyone seen a copy of the cease-fire documents between the SLORC
   and the Kachin or any other group?  A summary of the SLORC-Mon deal
   was posted on BurmaNet last year but I'd like to post the text of all
   of them, if possible.  If you have seen one of these documents but
   feel it impolitic to post the entire thing, please contact me anyway
   as I have a couple of specific questions.

3  Will the subscriber who is reprinting BurmaNet material in FBIS please
   contact me.  I have no objection to it being reprinted but I need to
   a favor.

4  Is anyone aware of former members of Burma's intelligence agencies who
   have defected and are now outside Burma?  If so, please contact me.

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