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Response to MGG Pillai


An entire nation votes a military dictatorship out of office.  That same
dictatorship, after harassing, exiling, jailing, torturing and even
murdering the victors, remains in power through brute force.  Can this
so-called government not be labelled "outlaw"?  Or would you prefer we call
SLORC "electorally challenged"?

Moreover, what you call "pointless raving," I call free speech, a right
which every person should exercise, even those who use big words like
"etymological."  But if the conversation is too robust for you, please
remember that you do have alternatives:  i.e., burmanews-l  (a.k.a.
"Burmanet Lite:  Half the Messages of Burmanet, and Half the Fun").

We are not throwing stones at SLORC.  We are, to quote a much-admired
Burmanet subscriber, putting the outlaw government "between a rock and a
hard place."  Many of us, perhaps most of us, believe this is the most
effective way to get the generals to talk with the democratic opposition --
the moral equivalent of putting a gun to their thick heads.  But if you have
better ideas, we'd love to hear them.

With all due respect,

Carol Schlenker
"Vox Populi Vox Dei"

>From: "M.G.G. Pillai" <PILLAI@xxxxxxxxx>
>Could you please tell me who has decided that SLORC is an "outlaw" 
>government?  Many Western and Asian countries have resident 
>ambassadors in Burma, have dealings with SLORC, and behave with it as 
>they do with Thailand or the Philippines.
>     What I do see is a deliberate attempt to destabilise the 
>government.  Western diplomats in Burma give background briefings to 
>the press there anonymously on events happenings in that country, 
>those on this discussion group calls them "snoops and thieves", 
>without understanding what these words mean or deliberate attempt to 
>change etymological definitions.
>     I want to see a change for the better in Burma.  If you want to 
>focus your attention on doing that, you have to do it in the way that 
>the changes will take place.  All I see now is some people sitting 
>out in countries as far away from Burma as possible and throw stones.
>     Let us get this discussion going on how this can be achieved, 
>instead of the pointless ranting I get every time I inspect my 
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>> It is not irrelevant to conclude that SLORC are thieves and snoops.  Nor is
>> it improper to blame SLORC for everything that is wrong in Burma today. Let
>> us not forget SLORC is an outlaw government.  It has assumed total authority
>> over every aspect of life in Burma. Therefore, whether it wants to
>> acknowledge the responsibility which accompanies usurped authority, SLORC is
>> responsible.  It is responsible for the reign of terror it has imposed. It is
>> responsible for the corruption which exists. It is responsible for all, since
>> its claims authority for all. It can only be relieved of this responsibility
>> when it transfer political power to the elected government.  We do not have
>> to be nice to tyrants. We should only be honest. 
>M.G.G. Pillai