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MTA members return to legal fold

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>members of the Mong Tai Army (MTA),  under the
> command of Khun Sa , returned to the legal fold, bringing in arms and 
>ammunition, beginning  5 January . 

Just returned a few days ago from Chiang Mai where the story goes that ol'
Khun Sa is still in his villa and the only change is that there are SLORC
troops in the area while he continues business as usual.  I am sure that
the Thais are pissed a bit since the price of white powder has just gone
up about 20% along the border as the SLORC people are now in a stronger
position to raise the wholesale price since the Thai military now face a
superior miltary force in their face.

Poor Shans never understood that Khun Sa is and always will be purely a
businessman at heart.  But then again the military situation of the MTA
was becoming somewhat precarious.  Khun Sa knew when to fold his hand.

But how is a more direct SLORC control of the powder trade along the Thai
border a "return to the legal fold" for such an outlaw government?

Happy Trails   Johpa