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Embassy blackmails Burmese in Japan (r)

Subject: Re: Embassy blackmails Burmese in Japan

SLORC's stranglehold on overseas burmese by withholding passport renewel
is nothing new. Exact same thing take place in the U.S. SLORC takes
10% of burmese in the US who hard earn dollars from minimum wages.
SLORC give back nothing!. SLORC embassy is also known for stealing
of so call "taxes" raised from burmese nationals.

Those burmese who wants to import cars, TV and VCR back to Burma continue 
to pay 10% of their salary to SLORC dogs.

/* Written 10:30 AM  Jan 29, 1996 by carol@xxxxxxx in igc:reg.burma */
/* ---------- "Embassy blackmails Burmese in Japan" ---------- */

(Note: This is a summary from an English language newspaper of an article
that was first published in SHUKAN HOSEKI, a Japanese language weekly magazine.)
Mainichi Daily News, Sunday, January 21, 1996
Shukan Hoseki 1/25

	Foreigners working in this country must pay income tax to Japanese
authorities.  But only those from Myanmar are forced to pay a questionable
kind of overseas income tax to their own government.  SHUKAN HOSEKI takes a
look at this peculiar system which id doubling tax for Myanmarese in Japan.
	The magazine starts the investigative report with a disclosure by a
30-year-old Myanmarese who came here four years ago to work.  The informant
reveals to SHUKAN HOSEKI that he and other Myanmarese in Japan are asked by
the Myanmarese Embassy in Tokyo to pay 10 percent of their income in the
name of "tax."  The source explains that he is unwillingly following the
request because the embassy refuses to renew his passport unless he does so.
Passports are not the only tool the Myanmarese Embassy is allegedly using
to collect money.  Without specifying the source, SHUKAN HOSEKI reveals that
a Myanmarese in Japan cannot open a bank account fro remittance in Myanmar
without an embassy-issued certificate of tax payment.