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Pali Fonts

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Content-Type: text/plain; charset="us-ascii"

>From Ken and Visakha Kawasaki
Buddhist Relief Mission

Last year, a friend of ours, Ken Patton,  stayed with us and
created a set of fonts for Windows for typing Romanized
Pali.  These fonts can be easily installed with templates and
macros to have all the special characters immediately
accessible on the keyboard.

Ken donated these fonts to Buddhist Relief Mission with the
hope that they would be of use to scholars.  Buddhist Relief
Mission is now making them available to all who would like
to use them.

Ken Patton also created the template and macros for Word
for Windows 6.0.  BRM has created the keybooard and
macros for WordPerfect 6.1 and WordPerfect 5.2 for
Windows.  When requesting the fonts, please indicate which
program you are using so that the proper macros can be
included.  For any other program, the Character map access
codes will be included so that the user can create his own

If you would like to receive the fonts, please send a message
to Buddhist Relief Mission with your mailing address.  We
are not charging for the fonts themselves, but we would
appreciate a ten-dollar donation to cover the cost of disks
and postage.  

All credit for these beautiful fonts goes to Ken Patton.  
Sadhu! Sadhu! Sadhu!