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Burma's constitution meeting takes (r)

Subject:       Re: Burma's constitution meeting takes a break

> From: dawn star <cd@xxxxxxx>
> Subject: Re: Burma's constitution meeting takes a break
> are your sincerely wanting to learn something or just being provocative, 
> its really not clear. I just returned from New Delhi Convention on the 
> Restoration of Democracy in Burma, and Nepal, close , very close to 
> Burma, and jerks like you should keep shut or show off their stupidity. 
> You got a lot to learn whoeveryouare. Stick it.You sound more like a 
> slorc twit than ever I heard in the last six months. Go to Pizza Hut 
> order a bunch and vomit over yourself. Invite some proslorc cronies to go 
> with you. Fuck off. CD Dawn Star

Unlike you, I want to learn what is going on in Burma.  As a 
journalist, I look at all sides of a question, get the information I 
can and evaluate.  I do not automatically believe anyone just because 
he is anti-Slorc, or spouts a story that damns Yangon;  nor do I 
accept anything that Yangon dishes out.

     But all I get here is a series of assertions, and hopes, an 
inability to see the other fellow's point of view, and a particular 
penchant to flame anyone who looks at these assertions with a modicum 
of doubt.  In your eyes, because I do not agree with you, I am 
stupid.  I am always learning something, especially etymological 
definitions, here:  a troup group is denied permission, and Oxford 
Dictionary can be presented with a new definition of "snoop" and 
"thief";  because you attended a conference in New Delhi and visited 
Nepal -- "close, very close, to Burma" -- I did not know that;  thank 
you for that information -- "stupid" is freshly defined.

    If you want Burma to have the democratic future you have 
determined for it, then by all means go and do exactly as you do:  
disallow contrary views to yours;  go along and do to anyone you 
disagree with what you accuse Slorc of doing to anyone it disagrees 
with.  That way, you would get the informed and democratic Burma 
that you are comfortable with.  Keep it up.

     As for me, I evaluate everything I get, especially what I read 
in this Burmanet, and decide for myself.  If that makes me pro-Slorc, 
then so be it.  I am also told, when I respond to some outrageous or 
unsupportable view, that I am wasting bandwidth;  that I should 
confine these responses to private emails.  But if you insist on 
making stupid statements openly, I respond openly:  if you make it to 
me privately, I respond privately.

     A Japanese economic analyst writes a piece on Burma, as he is 
immediately branded as "pro-Slorc";  I throw some doubt on how some 
pro-democracy backers of Burma behave or refuse to accept your 
general assertions that Slorc members eat boiled babies for breakfast, 
and I become a "pro-Slorc crony" and a "pro-Slorc twit".  I begin to 
get an idea of the democratic Burma you have in mind:  "a Slorc-like 
Burma, which we control".  Thank you for leaving that impression with 


M.G.G. Pillai