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Burma's constitution meeting takes (r)

Subject: Re: Burma's constitution meeting takes a break

>    The latest session of the convention began in late November when
>democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi withdrew her National League for Democracy
>(NLD) party, saying the proceedings were not representative of the wishes of
>the people.
>    Burma's military government has ordered the convention to ensure the
>military retains a leading role in future politics.
>    The current session, attended by 590 delegates, has been discussing
>future legislative, administrative and judicial functions.

It sounds like Burma and her people  are being taught how to swin by the
Slorc without ever allowed to get into the water.

It's sickening to watch all these paper tigers trying to create that
worthless piece of paper called "Slorc Constitution."  In the sham
elections under General Ne Win's official rule, Ne Win came third while two
of his cronies, Colonel Kyaw Soe and Brigadier San Yu finished first and
runner-up.   Then the mad General was so furious that he fired several of
his Burma Socialist Program Party's errand boys including BSPP Headquarters
Secretary Colonel Htun Lin who he thought were responsible for ensuring the
victories for Kyaw Soe and San Yu.  Of course, no one was to outdo the
General even in the sham elections.  They initiated the game, drew up the
laws, and changed whenever they deemed fit while their mouth pieces such as
"The Working People's Daily or "The Mirror" had us believe that we, as
"citizens" of Burma were participating in the process of drawing up that
1974 constitution.  The 1974 Constitution was largely a creation of the
late Dr. Maung Maung, who served  as Ne Win's legal advisor with utmost
loyality to General Ne Win.

The difference between these two pieces of papers, Ne Win's 1974
Constitution and Slorc's Constitution, is this:  the former attempted to
civilianize the military administration with the symbolic liquidation of
military titles by a group of highest ranking military officials including
the General himself while the latter attempts to institutionalize Burma's
military oligarchy with the facade of civilian heads of state.  At the end
of the BSPP's official rule in the months of August and September, ever the
Ne Win faithful and the creator of the Socialist Constitution of 1974 Dr.
Maung Maung was compelled to publicly declare "Absolute power corrupts"
referring to the nature of power his boss wielded under the disguise of
constitutionality.   Dr. Maung Maung confessed before his death "we failed
Burma"  and the famous confession appeared in his obituary in the Times.

While the whole country continues to suffer under SLORC's rule, the
generals and their families and associates, the ASEAN politicians, eager
business executives from both "the West and the  East" and neighboring
petty traders are turning the country into a prostitute nation where
everything is up for sale.   Almost 50 years ago the late U Aung San, the
architech of Burma's independence and father of Burma's legitimate leader
"Daw Aung San Suu Kyi,  warned the country prophetically that Burma would
become "a prostitute nation,"  unless we all worked together.    Sadly to
us Burmese, that's exactly what Burma has become.

The Slorc thugs, as in Dr. Maung Maung's confession letter, are making the
country's history repeat. Indeed they are failing with amazing consistency
our Burma again without showing any sign of remorse or desire to give up
their dictatorial reign.  As a Burmese saying goes, the Pwe is over and the
actors refuse to leave the stage.

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