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Burma's constitution meeting takes

Subject: Burma's constitution meeting takes a break

Burma's constitution meeting takes a break

      RANGOON, Jan 22 (Reuter) - Burma's national convention, which has met
intermittently since January 1993 to draw up the guidelines of a new
constitution, is taking a short break, an official organising the meeting
said on Monday. 

    Although no date has been fixed for its resumption the official said the
meeting, which was last held on Friday, is likely to start again early next
month. No reason was given for the break. 

    The latest session of the convention began in late November when
democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi withdrew her National League for Democracy
(NLD) party, saying the proceedings were not representative of the wishes of
the people. 

    Burma's military government has ordered the convention to ensure the
military retains a leading role in future politics. 

    The current session, attended by 590 delegates, has been discussing
future legislative, administrative and judicial functions. 

08:21 01-22-96