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You need not worry about my reading habits.  I shall read what I like 
and make my own judgement on it.  Why are so edgy about that?  Are 
you telling me that, in your perception of democracy, I do not have 
that right?  In any case, why are you so het up that there is another 
view of what is happening in Burma, and that certainly is not what 
the Slorc view.  In any case, when did you get that right to decide 
who should and should not, in the time honoured principle of 
democratic choice, read or not read?


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> From: an304997@xxxxxxxxxxxxx (The Tribal Man)
> MGG Pillai,
> We, Burmese citizen, have decided that SLORC is an "outlaw".
> Do you have a problem with that?
> If you don't like the discussions going on in this group, no one
> (except perhaps SLORC) is forcing you to read them. If you want
> to do SLORC's rear-end kissing, do some place else.
> PILLAI@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
> > 
> > From: "M.G.G. Pillai" <PILLAI@xxxxxxxxx>
> > 
> > Could you please tell me who has decided that SLORC is an "outlaw"
> > government?  Many Western and Asian countries have resident
> > ambassadors in Burma, have dealings with SLORC, and behave with it as
> > they do with Thailand or the Philippines.
> > 
> >      What I do see is a deliberate attempt to destabilise the
> > government.  Western diplomats in Burma give background briefings to
> > the press there anonymously on events happenings in that country,
> > those on this discussion group calls them "snoops and thieves",
> > without understanding what these words mean or deliberate attempt to
> > change etymological definitions.
> > 
> >      I want to see a change for the better in Burma.  If you want to
> > focus your attention on doing that, you have to do it in the way that
> > the changes will take place.  All I see now is some people sitting
> > out in countries as far away from Burma as possible and throw stones.
> > 
> >      Let us get this discussion going on how this can be achieved,
> > instead of the pointless ranting I get every time I inspect my
> > mailbox.
> > 
> > MGG
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